Which State Has Jurisdiction When Suing A Business In Wisconsin?

Wisconsin courts will have jurisdiction if a business is located in Wisconsin and is being sued. Often, an out-of-state business can be sued in Wisconsin courts for various reasons. One reason Wisconsin has jurisdiction is that the out-of-state company may have agreed to ship products or provide services in Wisconsin.

Another reason a business can be sued in Wisconsin is that the out-of-state business may have signed a contract that says they are to be sued in Wisconsin if there’s ever a dispute. Sometimes, the out-of-state company may have committed a wrongful act that, even though their presence in Wisconsin might be minimal, can cause injury to people in Wisconsin in a foreseeable way. This allows the business to be sued in Wisconsin, even if the problem occurs elsewhere.

What Conditions Must Be Present Or Met When It Comes To Suing A Wisconsin Business?

When suing a business in Wisconsin, there must be some connection to Wisconsin in court, even if the business is located elsewhere. The company may have signed an agreement to accept jurisdiction in the Wisconsin courts.

As An Out Of State Resident Or Business, Do I Have To File My Case Against A Wisconsin Company Within A Specific Timeframe?

When filing a lawsuit in Wisconsin, a specific timeframe must be followed. Some timeframes can be as short as 90 days, while others can be as long as 10 years or more. The timeframe to file a lawsuit depends on whom you’re suing and why you’re filing a lawsuit. Contact Wick as soon as possible. Waiting to get legal advice and missing the timeframe can be fatal to your case.

How Do We Resolve A Legal Issue Without Going To Court In Wisconsin?

Many lawsuits can be resolved simply by negotiating between the lawyers. Just because you hire a lawyer doesn’t mean you’re going to go all the way to the point of filing a lawsuit. Lawyers negotiate and can sometimes resolve the matter without having to sue anybody anywhere.

Can Any Out Of State Business Lawsuit Be Resolved In Wisconsin Court?

As long as the out-of-state business has some connection to Wisconsin, the lawsuit can be resolved in a Wisconsin court. Depending on the case, some may have to be resolved in the Federal Courts in Wisconsin rather than the State Courts in Wisconsin. There are other types of issues that can only be resolved in the State Courts located in Wisconsin. A good lawyer should be able to practice either and will bring or defend the case in the appropriate court.

Are There Any Exceptions For Out Of State Individuals Or Businesses To File A Lawsuit Within Their State When Suing A Wisconsin Business?

Suppose the Wisconsin business has some significant connection to the state where the out-of-state individual lives; then the individual or company can sue from their state. Or, if the Wisconsin business has an agreement to be sued or is subject to suit in a different state, then the out-of-state individual or company can sue a Wisconsin business from their state.

If An Entity In Wisconsin Is Terminated, Can Its Registered Agents Still Be Served With A Lawsuit?

Terminating your entity as a general proposition does not immunize the entity from suit. Terminating the entity also does not keep the registered agent from being processed. Typically, there are no benefits to having an entity terminated. Though, the entity’s ability to defend or to countersue may be limited by the fact that it’s been released. Still, other people’s ability to sue a terminated entity will not be affected.

If I Lose My Lawsuit Or Case Against A Wisconsin Business, Can I Appeal The Court’s Decision?

If you lose your lawsuit against a Wisconsin business, you can appeal the court’s decision from Small Claims Court. Not only can you appeal from Small Claims Court, but you can also have an entirely new trial if you are dissatisfied with the results of the Small Claims Court in front of the Circuit Court judge.

If you lose your case in Circuit Court or the Federal District Court, you can appeal to an Appellate Court. Either way, you always have the right to appeal to at least one higher court after a loss.

Why Is Your Firm Best Suited To Handle Out-Of-State Claims Against Wisconsin Businesses?

At the law firm of Wick Schmidt, we are more effective than most of our competitors and have practice experience in both State and Federal court with various types of cases. We can handle cases more flexibly regarding fee arrangements and more efficiently in the overall cost.

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