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Civil Litigation

My practice centers around civil litigation.  I handle business or personal disputes of virtually any type. While I will happily represent my clients on an hourly-fee basis, I also represent both plaintiffs and defendants on a fixed-fee-for-defined-service basis.  As much as possible in the uncertain world of litigation, this allows my clients to predict and to control the cost of their cases.  When appropriate, I also handle plaintiffs’ cases (including business disputes) on a contingent-fee basis. Every matter that I handle receives my personal attention; nothing gets delegated to associates.

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Outside General Counsel

Avoiding lawsuits is just as important as winning them, and considerably more cost-effective.  In tandem with my litigation practice, and incorporating years of lessons learned therein, I provide “outside general counsel” services to clients who cannot afford, or do not wish, to employ full-time general counsel.  Those services include contract drafting and risk analysis, litigation avoidance and risk management, and supervision of litigation being handled by lawyers in other jurisdictions.

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