Yes, if you are being sued by a neighbor or employer in Wisconsin, your personal assets may be at risk—much more so than if there’s simply a dispute between corporations.

Some people have foresight and set up their businesses in such a way that they have some degree of protection for their personal assets. Even this is never absolute, but that does give you some protection that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Still, if there’s a dispute where people are fighting over personal stuff and it becomes a lawsuit, your personal assets may be at risk.

What Are The Biggest Mistakes That People Make When It Comes To Handling Or Resolving Disputes With Neighbors Or Employees?

One of the most common mistakes is just having a meltdown or going off on the person you have a dispute with, resorting to an angry outburst or calling them or their spouse a name or something of the sort. Doing so never helps your case, and very often winds up hurting it significantly.

Other than that, another common mistake is relying on a handshake for an agreement or deal and not getting something in writing to back it up. If, for instance, you want to have the right to put a fence or driveway on what might be somebody else’s land, you may assume that all you need is oral permission. After all, since you get along well now, why wouldn’t you always get along?

Of course, real life doesn’t always work that way. Neighbors who may have been best friends can become enemies relatively quickly, and the good will you were relying on for your fence or driveway may be withdrawn in an instant.

What Are Dispute Resolutions Aside From Going Into Litigation With These Cases?

Dispute resolution always includes pre-litigation negotiations, and sometimes stops there. Most parties can work something out before trial, if only because they don’t want to go through the time, expense, and stress of a trial. So, negotiation, mediation, and arbitration are all possibilities before litigation.

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